About Us - Management Team

Evelyn F. Smalls
President & CEO

Evelyn Fennell Smalls is President and Chief Executive Officer of United Bank of Philadelphia. With over 20 years experience in banking and community development, Mrs. Smalls is responsible for the leadership and management of the Bank including setting the direction of the organization, communicating its vision and adapting the culture and operations to achieve success. Before joining United Bank of Philadelphia, Mrs. Smalls served as Partner and Consultant with the Community Development Services Group of Philadelphia and as Vice President and Consultant to Executive Management at First Pennsylvania Bank of Philadelphia.

Brenda M. Hudson-Nelson
Executive Vice President & CFO

Brenda M. Hudson-Nelson serves as United Bank of Philadelphia’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Mrs. Hudson-Nelson’s responsibilities include directing financial planning, financial reporting, implementing, managing the Bank’s investment portfolio, and managing the Bank’s sensitivity to interest rate risk. Prior to joining United Bank of Philadelphia, Ms. Hudson-Nelson was an Audit Manager for Ernst & Young, a ”Big 6” accounting firm serving clients in the financial services industry.

Coston M. Cobbs
SVP, Senior Lending Officer

Coston M. Cobbs is a seasoned commercial banker with over twenty five years of experience in commercial real estate lending. He is responsible for the development and management of the commercial lending business and credit administration for the Bank. Coston’s leadership is key in the Bank’s overall strategic planning process. His role is to ensure the appropriate goals and strategies are outlined to attain continual growth of the loan portfolio enabling the Bank to achieve and sustain profitability.

Dimitria Davenport
Vice President, Compliance and Community Banking

Dimitria Davenport is the Vice President of Compliance and Community Banking. Ms. Davenport's responsibilities are to ensure that the Bank adheres to all applicable consumer protection laws and federal and state regulations as well as provides leadership to the Community Banking team which includes oversight of the Bank’s branches and driving community development within the Bank’s footprint. With over 20 years in the financial services industry, she has held key roles within Human Resources, Training and Retail Administration.