Churches & Nonprofits
Features Limitations Account Fees
United Blue Business Statement Savings

Provides a monthly statement of account activity

ACH capability

ATM card availability

Begin earning interest with a balance of $1,500

eStatements Available

Must deposit $500 to open this account

Six (6) pre-authorized transfers per month, which includes telephone/ automatic transfers

Must maintain a balance of $1,500 to avoid  a monthly service charge of $12

Business Certificates of Deposit

Maturities range from one month to five years

Jumbo CDs are available for investments if $100,000 or more

Must deposit $500 to open this account

May not make additional deposits into this account

Withdrawals made before the maturity date will be subject to penalty

A withdrawal will reduce earnings at maturity

A 10 day grace period is provided after the maturity date to withdraw without penalty

Maturity day will be stated on the certificate

Account may be obtained with or without an automatic renewal

The interest rate and annual percentage yield will not changed for the term of the account

The interest rate will be in effect for the term of the certificate

Interest begins to accrue on the business day deposit

Interest will be compounded daily and will be credited at maturity

Jumbo Certificates: A simple interest rate will be applied with a single maturity.