Investor Relations

Our Bank

United Bank of Philadelphia, (“Bank”) is a proud contributor to the economic fabric of this great City.  The chartering of the Bank in 1992 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Banking, brought together the rich diversity of leadership that had and continue to have a tremendous stake in this region.  They worked together with the visionary founders of United Bank of Philadelphia to raise capital for the launching of this minority-owned and controlled bank with a mission of providing financial services to individuals and organizations that had been traditionally underserved by the financial sector.  We are pleased to report that the Bank continues the rich tradition of economic development in this region. We appreciate the support of our investors and current client base. As we move forward, our goal is to create new relationships that have a common objective of building and sustaining urban communities.  We know firsthand that Building Stronger Communities requires bold leadership, collaboration and innovation.


Despite a period of enormous economic growth, not everyone has benefited equally.  Wealth disparities continue to exist and the growth of ethnic minorities throughout the region represent new challenges and opportunities.  We believe that through effective leadership, collaboration and innovation, change can occur and everyone can benefit. The Bank’s commitment is simple; we want to make an impact in the following areas:

  • Small Business Owners – The Bank will continue to make small businesses its priority.  The impact they have on employment is an enticement for the Bank to ensure that they have access to capital and affordable banking services.

  • Community Service Providers – Non-Profit organizations keep communities going.  The Bank is committed to providing financing options to ensure that these services continue to support families that need a helping hand.

  • Individuals – Everyone should have access to affordable banking services, simply put- checking and savings accounts.  These basic services can move individuals
    and families out of despair to empowerment.

  • Corporations & Institutions – The Bank can continue to impact community and economic development with increased deposits and other fee income relationships from the corporate sector.  As the Bank’s deposit base grows, its capacity to lend to persons in the communities increases.  Again, proving that strong collaborations across socio-economic lines will create prosperity and vitality in the region.