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Merchant Services

Allows for immediate credit card transactions
Secure Socket

Layer(SSL) encryption for secure transactions
All major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, &
American Express accepted

Funds promptly wired to your checking account

No Minimum

No Maximum

Terms and fees are based on activity and average ticket, size at the time or approval of the merchant's application

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks electronically from your desktop
Issue deposits electronically to the bank, anytime day or night
Save time preparing deposits
Consolidate funds from remote locations into the bank
Cut costly courier fees or trips to the bank
Reduce risk of check fraud

Approval to use Remote Deposit Capture required

Terms vary based on approval

Safe Deposit Boxes

Provide safekeeping for your valuable items and important documents

Annual fee of $20-$150 depending on the size of the box

Must sign a one year contract

Money Orders

Guaranteed by the Bank
Safer than cash

Provides a paper trail for payment

No minimum

$1,000 Maximum

$3.00 for customer

$5.00 for non-customer

Treasurer’s Check

Guaranteed by the Bank
Safer than cash

Provides a paper trail for payment

No minimum
No Maximum
$10 Fee

Can only be purchased by United Bank customer

American Express Checks/Gift Cards

Safer than cash

Accepted all over the world

Refundable within 24 hours if lost stolen

Minimum $100
Maximum $2000

Fee for checks is 1% of the total

$5.00 for gift cards

VISA Check Card

Accepted everywhere VISA is accepted

Safer than cash

More convenient than checks

Can make purchases or withdraw cash

Limit $500.00 daily

$0.20 each Point of Sales purchase

Must have a United Bank of Philadelphia checking account

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Provides access to your cash 24 hours a day

Minimum withdrawal is $10

Varies according to card limits

No fee for customers at United Bank of Philadelphia machines

Bank customers will be assessed a $1.25 fee for using a non-United Bank ATM machine

Online Banking and Bill Pay

View current account balances or check to see if a payment has cleared

Transfer funds between accounts or pay bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Set up repeat payments to be made automatically at the frequency you choose

No Minimum

No Maximum

Must enroll prior to use

Bill pay available only to customers with checking accounts

Telephone Banking

Transfer from one account to another via telephone

No Minimum

No Maximum


$2.00 per transfer if you use a  Personal Banker for assistance

Direct Deposit

Funds are conveniently deposited directly into checking or savings account

No Minimum

No Maximum

No Terms and Fees


Bank by Mail

Mail deposits or payments to a Branch for processing

Great for customers unable to come to a Branch

No Minimum

No Maximum

No Terms and Fees


Wire Transfers

Allows customers to send funds electronically from one bank to another

Transfer requests can be expedited the same day*

*Refer to “Transfer request times”

No Minimum

No Maximum

Domestic $20
Foreign $100-$1000 $25
Foreign $1001-$5000  $35
Foreign $5001-$10,000   $ 45
Foreign $ 10,001-$15,000 $60
Foreign $15,001-25,000 ½ of 1%
Foreign $ 25,001 & above  1/3  of 1%
Transfer request times  4:00 p.m. - Domestic wires
2:00 p.m. - International wires


Night Depository

Eliminates waiting time for deposit processing

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

No Minimum

No Maximum

Account is credited the day the deposit is verified

Bags and keys are provided when you open your account

Notary Services

Deters fraud and ensures that documents are properly executed

No Minimum

No Maximum

$5.00 for UBP customers

$8.00 for Non-customers

Not available at all locations