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Whether you need new payment solutions for in-person or online transactions, integrated terminals, pay cards, gift cards, or a loyalty program, we can help with a single-source solution.

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Go green with United Bank of Philadelphia

Available now, receive your bank statements via your computer. If you are an existing Online Banking user just sign into online banking and complete the auto enrollment process. eStatements are a free, convenient, and secure service that provides online access to your Bank account statements. Your eStatements include all the same information as a paper statement, with the benefit of receiving it on your computer. No more worrying about your statement being lost in the mail, or wasting all that paper. A notice will be sent via email to the address you enter at enrollment to alert you that your statement is available.


  • Receive statements faster and safer than through regular mail
  • Save time and reduce paper clutter
  • Access a one-year history of your statements. History starts with the first generated statement after your enrollment.
  • View your statements in easy-to-read PDF format
  • Reduce amount of private information in your mailbox that is susceptible to mischief
  • Print your statement if ever a paper copy is needed. Your e-Statement can also be saved to a diskette, CD, or your computer's hard drive for future reference
  • Help save some trees.

If you are not an Online Banking users, enroll today!

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows clients to realize the benefits of ACH check conversion, as well as the benefits or the post-Check 21 environment. The service facilitates the electronic processing of checks for companies who receive checks from individuals that can be converted to ACH under Accounts Receivable Check Conversion (ARC) rules. With Check 21 now in effect, clients will be able to use desktop software and a compact scanner to transfer all checks into either an image for check truncation, or into an ACH transaction. Remote Deposit offers a complete solution for clients to eliminate all paper check handling for their U.S. dollar items and move to the benefits of electronic and image based processing.