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UBP_Hands30 Years of Service!

Banking in the very beginning was rooted in the community and William Penn’s Philadelphia was the epicenter of this focus on commerce. In 1992, United Bank of Philadelphia (the “Bank”) from its origins recognized that community and urban banking would always be the focus of its Mission, Vision and Values. These ideals became the basis for “So Much More Than Banking” and it was clear that the work ahead would be transformative.

Therefore, with this clear direction, the Bank, through its products and services, would drive economic inclusion in the urban communities with an impact of creating and retaining jobs with adequate wages to improve one’s economic conditions. We also knew that the business model needed to be nimble and adaptable to change as shifts in the economy occurred, and as demographics/ environments progressed. We believe that we have been able to stay the course in spite of challenges and setbacks; yet, a constant presence in the region since 1992.

The Bank grew rapidly during its early years from one branch office to eight; building a track record serving low to moderate income communities. This performance positioned the Bank to become the first commercial bank in the Commonwealth to be certified by the U. S. Department of Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). In addition, its consecutive “outstanding” ratings in CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) by its federal regulator is another validation of the Bank fulfilling its Mission.

Today, this Bank is a “business bank” and one that has experienced the nuances that small businesses and entrepreneurs face in their enterprises. This direct knowledge and sensitivity is what propels this team to be solution oriented. We are singularly focused on the growth and development of small businesses in the region offering products and services that are affordable and relevant to their enterprises. The Bank specializes in Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to support the dynamic needs of small businesses.

This region is a steeped for innovation and entrepreneurship. This Bank is excited about the potential that lies ahead as we all chart new enterprising paths for growth, sustainability, and success. Entrepreneurs are by nature altruistic and always look for ways to reach back and empower others. Ensuring that diverse opportunities are available to community resident and providing them with proper information to make sound choices for themselves and their families is important to the Bank.

We also understand the importance of sharing wisdom, knowledge and expertise with our youth. Outstanding, talented students have had internships with the Bank over the years and have left indelible marks on the staff and the organization. We understand the importance of opening our industry to them so that they can continue to make sound decisions and choices about their future with exposure to careers through work experiences in a supportive environment.

This Bank is excited about the potential that lies ahead as we all chart new enterprising paths for growth, sustainability, mentoring and success. This is important to the Bank ensuring that diverse opportunities are available to community residents and that they have proper information to make sound choices for themselves and their families. We know that there are dynamic leaders in this great region who have created enormous enterprises who share their expertise on a daily basis. We know because we have benefitted from solid relationships with many of them. We know that if we continue to work together through multi-sector partnerships with a focus on sound economic results and impact; more of our citizens will become participants in the economic mainstream rather than spectators.

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